Information about «cookies»
Cookies are text files that are transmitted to the browser and placed on the hard drives of your devices when you visit websites.
Cookies help websites to function efficiently and securely. Information obtained from cookies, which doesn’t allow user identification, may also be used for marketing purposes.
Types of cookies we use

Session cookies are stored in the browser until you leave the website. Persistent cookies are stored in your browser after the session ends.
First-party cookies are files associated with the main domain. Third-party cookies come from a different domain.
Managing cookies

You can choose to refuse the storage of cookies on your device by changing your browser settings. You can also delete cookies that are already stored on your device. Here are the instructions for clearing cookies in various browsers:

Google Chrome: Menu → "History" → "Clear browsing data". In the popup window, select "All time" next to "Time range". Check the box next to "Cookies and other site data". Click "Clear data".

Safari: Preferences → "Privacy" tab. Click "Manage Website Data" under the "Cookies and website data" section. Click "Remove All".

Opera: Settings → "Privacy & security" → "Clear browsing data". In the new window, select "Cookies and other site data" and "All cookies and site data". Click "Clear browsing data".

Mozilla Firefox: Menu → "History" → "Clear Recent History". In the "Time range to clear" field, select "Everything". Click the arrow next to "Details" to see the list of items. Check the box next to "Cookies" and make sure other items you want to keep aren’t selected for deletion. Click "Clear Now".

Internet Explorer: Tools → "Internet Options" → "General" tab → "Browsing history" section → "Delete...". Select "Cookies and website data". Make sure other items you want to keep aren’t selected for deletion. Click "Delete".